How to find an ORPA

The diagram below shows the Ordnance Survey grid squares that cover the EY&D Area. The bottom left corner of the diagram is the grid point SE 31 (or 43 41). The squares that have been surveyed contain initials each of which function as a hyperlink to a spreadsheet table that shows the information we have about ORPAs in that particular grid square. To go to the table left-click on an initial. (The initials are those of the surveyors: David Nunns, Peter Leese, George Malcolm and Tom Halstead)

In the table, each grid references is a hyperlink to an interactive map that opens with the ORPA at the centre. On the 50K maps ORPAs are shown as red blobs, on 25K as green blobs. Left-click on a grid reference to open a map in this window, right-click to open a full-sized map in a new tab. Use the red "25K" button to open the OS Explorer map at this location.

The NYCC on-line map has useful information about many Public Rights of Way. To open the NYCC on-line map click here. In the Map Legend area check Public Rights of Way to display the rights of way, which appear in various colours. Zoom in. Clicking on a PRoW opens a pop-up that gives the information the council has about that PRoW. Generally, no information is available for ORPAs. Unfortunately, the Search function does not recognize grid references.

Originated: 10 March 2011
Updated: 10 April 2013